Hello, my name is Colin Corrado

I love to solve problems, design, get my hands dirty, and create.

As a designer of objects and graphics my work centers on creating a simple yet bold interaction between design and user. I see beauty in lines, pattern, repetition, and simple shapes. From this lens I create work that focuses the user on the utility and purpose of the object without muddling their vision with unnecessary design.

However, before form, I first solidify concept and context. It is my responsibility to only create objects that have purpose, so that we can reduce the excess of trash, over-design, and waste that surrounds us. If I am to produce my designs commercially, I must be sure that they are necessary to someone, that they meet their needs or desires and add value in a sustainable manner.

With my vision and reasoning intact, my design is finally produced. The production of my work is informed by my hands-on experience in fabrication, allowing it to be tempered by practical knowledge and foresight from my own trials and errors. It is my personal philosophy that if my hands are not dirty in some way at the end of the process, the work is not mine.