BinBreeze has created the worlds first compost powder that completely eliminated fruit flies, odour and moisture from your compost bin in a natural approach.
BInBreeze is on a mission to reduce food waste around the world. They achieve this by making composting a more pleasant experience for consumers, meaning they will compost more frequently, and even compost their wettest and stinkiest food waste. BinBreeze has created the world's first, and only, compost powder that completely eliminates fruit flies, moisture, and odour from your compost bin in an all natural way. The circular economy product is made from BC wood waste that otherwise would’ve been burned, releasing carbon into the atmosphere. BinBreeze reduces carbon emissions, increases food waste diversion, makes healthier compost, and also reduces the amount of methane emissions that come from the compost bin. In addition to the 1 million lbs in wood waste diverted, BinBreeze will divert 27,812,214 lbs of CO2 from being burned in the next five years. Further, The average household composts 65% of the compostable waste each year, leaving 35% that could be composted, but isn't. With BinBreeze this number jumps to 70%. Although it is only a 5% difference, this difference calculated across millions of homes is a massive impact.
Victoria, Canada