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The Crucial Role of Corporations in Combating Water Scarcity

The Crucial Role of Corporations in Combating Water Scarcity

With 3.5 billion people grappling with water scarcity, the scale of the challenge is undeniable. The anticipated doubling of water technology investments to $55.2 billion by 2030 raises both hope and questions. Which technologies hold the promise of transformative impact?

The secret to building corporate innovation communities

The secret to building corporate innovation communities

In the face of rapid technological change, innovation has become a strategic imperative. Yet, innovation leaders often face resistance within their organizations, turning this crucial task into a challenge. To delve into this, Co:cubed gathered innovation leaders from companies like Citi Group and Sky. The rich discussion offered practical advice on fostering an innovation culture, underlining that while the road to successful innovation may be tough, the rewards are transformative.

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