Our global scouting solution curates the world’s best innovators without bias to solve your business challenges

Previously we used 12 scouts from around the world, now we use only Co:cubed”

Chedy Riahi
Corporate Ventures

12 million startups

We connect you with the world’s biggest network of innovators

Our data partners

The Co:cubed network
Built up over the last 6 years, our network covers a wide range of startups and scale-ups, many of whom are now working with corporate clients.

Our connections
Our global network of VC funds, accelerators and Universities allow us to see the latest deals and opportunities from across the globe.

Our data partners
We work with and subscribe to databases from around the world, giving us unprecedented visibility into the global startup ecosystem.

Only the best

Our dedicated analysts will only serve up the best solutions that solve your brief.

Breakthrough opportunities


Opportunity Intelligence

Leave the heavy-lifting to Co:cubed. A dedicated analyst provides you with a flow of the best emerging innovations in your industry, helps you recognise and focus on the right opportunities, respond to threats and adapt with confidence.


One-off scoutING

If you have a specific innovation-related problem or need us to prepare a report for a particular strategic area, we have you covered.

Speak to an expert

At Co:cubed, we work with corporate leaders to build and deliver these capabilities to their organisation. If that sounds like you, fill out your details and we can arrange a call.