California Safe Soil

California Safe Soil recovers food that supermarkets can’t sell or donate and, using its proprietary enzymatic digestion process, manufacture crop nutrition and animal feed products.
Finding new ways to recover unsold food is a big opportunity for retailers. California Safe Soil (CSS) produces and sells soil amendment and fertilizer that improves soil health, protecting crops and increasing yields while reducing chemical fertilizer use and sequestering carbon in the soil. Its products are also widely distributed for home lawn and garden use.. CSS is excited to diversify their category into pet nutrition ingredients. They have an excellent highly nutritional profile; are highly palatable, reasonably priced and a great sustainability story. It comes full circle when CSS “Upcycled” ingredients are incorporated into the private label pet foods sold by the supermarkets that CSS recovers food from. Supplying supermarkets with CSS’s durable, double walled, insulated, pallet sized totes with hinged lids, CSS makes it easy to recover food from supermarkets while improving store hygiene, preserving the “cold chain” for food quality, and reducing costs for its supermarket partners, helping them comply with recycling requirements and fulfilling their sustainability objectives.
United States