Hazel Technologies

Hazel Technology has developed a USDA funded tech-based product to extend the shelf-life of foods. The 'hazel pouch' is the next in breakthrough solutions that improves the shelf life & quality of produce during storage
Hazel Technologies is a developer of technology-based products to extend the shelf life of produce. The product is named "Hazel" is a USDA-funded 1-MCP technology product that is used to store fruits and vegetables which claims to increase the shelf life of the produce. The innovation that stands out here is the size of the Hazel pouch, which appears a less intrusive shelf life extension solution. The basis for all the core technologies at Hazel is the controlled release of active ingredients from solid materials. The core innovation is the controlled release - Hazel is not claiming to invent new types of active ingredients, but rather allowing a more dynamic deployment of active ingredients.
United States