Mori have developed a silk-based coating for for food protection against the three mechanisms that cause food spoilage - Dehydration, Oxidation and microbial growth.
According to Mori, there are three main mechanisms that cause food to spoil. These are - dehydration, oxidation and microbial growth. Mori provide a silk-based coating for food protection against these three mechanisms. The naturally derived silk protein creates a natural protective layer that helps to slow down the spoiling process of fruit, veggies, meats, and seafood. The company claims protective layers help to extend shelf life by up to 2x and also helps companies to reduce the need for single-use plastic, wax, fungicides, or chemicals normally for packing. Mori is a solution that would be integrated into the supply chain for a retailer and recently secured $50 Million in Series B1 funding to commercialize shelf-life extension solutions. (NB: Video related to previous company name)
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