Relex Solutions

Relex Solutions have created a cloud-based platform that uses AI and memory data to save customers 9000 tonnes of food waste each year.
Relex Solutions offer a unified supply chain and retail planning platform to align and optimise demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning across the end-to-end value chain. The cloud based platform uses AI and in memory data processing and serves grocers across the world including Ahold Delhaize, Sprouts, Coles, Franprix, ICA, Coop Denmark, and others. RELEX helps their customers save more than 9,000,000 kg of food waste each year according to a recent sustainability study. The Fresh Optimization solution supports centralised ordering and in-store collaboration via a mobile app. RELEX creates inventory projections at the most granular level, and a recent AI based innovation brings visibility of batch balances in store by modelling FIFO / LIFO rates autonomously for each product.