Retail Insight

Retail Insight uses cognitive technology to deliver significant waste averages for global grocery retailers
Retail Insight is focused on advancing performance, productivity and value throughout the retail ecosystem, processing 10% of all global grocery data every year and delivering over $500m in GP and endless emissions benefits. WasteInsight is their industry-leading food waste reduction tool that tackles waste at all points in the store and is currently used by 4 of the top 10 global grocery retailers, covering over 20,000 stores. From preventing waste through automated waste trim, exiting waste from the store more through dynamic markdown optimisation and re-use of waste through charity app routing. It is driven by cognitive technology – a unique combination of leading-edge machine learning and advanced, human-led analytics – to deliver significant average waste savings north of 10% for any sort of retailer, large and small, big-box supermarket and convenience store.