Tiliter offers AI scales to identify non-barcoded produce and other AI solutions to integrate into POS and SCO systems.
Tiliter’s suite of products include AI scales that quickly identify non-barcoded produce (fruits & vegetables), AI scale printer to generate barcode for faster checkout, and AI solutions to integrate into POS and SCO systems for fast checkout and better customer experience. Tiliter also offers analytics on shoppers' behaviour, allowing retailers to detect patterns in queues, on the shop floor, in their stock bins and at the checkout. Tiliter have also recently landed a partnership with Woolworths, an Australian supermarket chain, to launch AI scales in the fruit and vegetables department nationwide. This partnership followed their first scan & go programme back in 2020. The scales are expected to be progressively rolled out across the entire network of more than 1,000 Woolworths supermarkets.
Sydney, Australia