TIPA develops and manufactures a variety of flexible compostable packaging solutions that decompose and become compost within a few months just like any organic waste.
TIPA's ground-breaking packaging provides a full circular solution for flexible plastic waste. Its range of packaging solutions mimics the high-end properties of ordinary plastics such as strength, machinability, transparency, sealability, and printability, without leaving behind pollution and environmental damage at the end of use. TIPA provides solutions for the entire supply chain, from films and laminates for packaging manufacturers to custom packaging applications for brands, in the food and fashion industries. TIPA’s films and laminates are certified fully home and/or industrially compostable and break down in compost conditions into water, CO2 and biomass, within 180 days. TIPA’s compostable films and laminates are certified by ABA, Din Certco, TÜV Austria, Cré Ireland, European Bioplastics, and BPI and comply with international compostability standards such as EN 13432, ASTM D6400, and AS 5810, as well as relevant EU & US food contact regulations. TIPA work with both brands, producers, and retailers (especially on their high-end ranges, such as the Waitrose Organic range)