Bringing a brainy business model to Reckitt

Launching a D2C business model can be expensive and fraught with failure. When Reckitt discovered there was more they can do with one of their biggest brands, we successfully took them into digital services.
When RB launched a new brain-health supplement, they realised that the product worked well by itself, but when used in conjunction with a brain-health app, it delivers significant cognitive improvements. They then faced the challenge: do they build their own app or buy an existing app?
The answer was neither build or buy, instead, we helped them partner. We talked to brain gyms from around the world then narrowed down on Cognifit, a US-based brain gym with solid science and a great proposition.
Within six months the relationship moved from introductions to in-market. This wasn’t just the launch of a new app, it was also the launch of a D2C, subscription-based, personal relationship they could forge with thousands of consumers. Cognifit now generate $1million + Annual Revenue from the partnership with Reckitt.