Bringing innovation to the World Cup

When AB InBev wanted to amplify their sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup, they turned to Co:cubed to help find the solution. Following a global search, one of the companies selected was Ripple, and the ripple effect was huge.
As the world’s largest beer brewer and headline sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, AB InBev wanted a simple and impactful way to amplify their sponsorship around the world. They engaged Co:cubed to conduct a global search to find innovative technologies that could supercharge their sponsorship. Over 200 solutions were identified, two showcase sessions were held, and several startups were selected.
One of the companies AB InBev selected was Ripples, an Israli startup who’s device prints images onto the head of a beer. The image that can be put on the head of the beer can be personalised (i.e. a selfie), either for a promotion or real-time information such as football scores. Ripples is now being rolled out to bars around the world ahead of the World Cup, which will provide a key moment for ABI brands to interact and connect with football lovers in Qatar and beyond.
Ripples delivers two key benefits to beer brands: media impressions, and growth. In terms of impressions, 19% of beer lovers have shared their beer-top message on social media channels, driving unpaid impressions and strong engagement. In terms of growth, initial trials with one brand saw at 26% increase in sales vs the previous year, despite a decline in the baseline sales. We’ll drink to that!