How Partnering with Startups Can Propel Corporate Innovation Post-London Tech Week

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When a conference like London Tech Week (LTW) wraps up, the focus for corporate innovation leaders has to shift to planning next steps and turning inspiration into impact.

Our Innovation Director and Head of Scouting – Denise McQuaid – attended the conference last week and spotted 3 interesting opportunities and recommendations for moving forward.

1. Solar Power
The UK government is setting its sights on space for solar energy. Space-based solar energy + beam technology transfers energy generated in space back to where it’s needed on earth. This has the potential to produce 10GW electricity for the UK, which is ~25% of its electricity demand.

As a corporate innovator, think about how space-based solar power can fit into your energy strategy. Teaming up with universities and startups that focus on solar technology and energy transmission is a recommended next step. The technology is already being developed by University of California and Penn State, and various universities are now partnering to catch up.

2. Clean Energy
From Solar to Clean, we’re also seeing how energy is making waves, and startups like Greenjets IPM are leading the charge in the aviation industry.
Where can renewable energy sources fit in? How can you work with innovative companies to make your operations greener and more efficient?

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI and Generative AI was unsurprisingly the star at #LTW this year. It’s more than just a buzzword; it’s a versatile tool. There were a number of presentations that focussed on how versatile this technology can be when applied well:

• Enhancing personalisation
Personalisation has been a feature of conferences over the past decade, but we are now seeing a breakthrough in content generation and ecommerce experiences for consumers.

• Improving customer experience
Chatbots too have also been around for years, but we’re seeing advancements in enhanced human-like assistance offering specialised information.

• Automating processes
In a zero-budget world we are also seeing innovation in the operational efficiencies/inventory management.

Transforming cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is getting a major upgrade with real-time threat detection. By using AI and machine learning, new systems actively scan for and counter threats, keeping digital assets safe and sound.

At Co:cubed, we’re tracking and monitoring Generative AI, and broader AI enabled startups. Partnering with these could be a game-changer to bring fresh ideas and cutting-edge expertise at scale, in a faster and more affordable way.
After London Tech Week, it’s time to take the insights and excitement and channel them into action. Collaborate, stay open to new ideas, and adapt to an ever-changing landscape to steer your company toward innovative success.

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