What’s next for Dutch Corporates as they struggle with startup innovation?

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Amsterdam, NL – March 15th, 2024 – Recent data from The World Intellectual Property Organization Global Innovation Index shows that the Netherlands finds itself at a crucial juncture in its innovation journey. Despite its reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, the index reveals a slip in its global ranking to 7th place in 2023 from 5th in the previous year. In the light of the current public debate on the innovation climate with leading tech companies like ASML even considering to exit the country, the ecosystem is at risk of further loss of competitive edge.

Industry leaders echo this sentiment, emphasising the untapped potential of corporate-startup collaborations. One Industry Leader commented, “Corporates can be great at talking about innovation, however in reality, few large companies are leveraging partnerships with startups well.” Research indicates that a significant percentage of corporate innovation initiatives fail to deliver the expected results, as Dutch corporates often find it challenging to navigate the intricate landscape of startup collaborations due to various factors, including a lack of strategic alignment, cultural barriers, lack of resources and limited access to relevant networks.

It’s against this backdrop of opportunity and challenge that Co:cubed, a global leader in facilitating corporate-startup collaborations, is set to enter the Dutch market, aiming to empower Dutch corporates to overcome barriers to innovation and unlock their full potential.

A Proven Model for Collaboration

Having facilitated impactful partnerships between corporates and startups across diverse industries, Co:cubed is entering into a strategic partnership for the Dutch market with Rienk Franken, joining Co:cubed from ABN AMRO Bank as an experienced leader in venture building and corporate partnerships. Co:cubed brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Leveraging its extensive network of over 12 mio. startups and deep understanding of corporate dynamics, Co:cubed has become a trusted partner for more than 50 of the Fortune 100 companies. 

By providing comprehensive support, from scouting innovative solutions to facilitating seamless scalability, Co:cubed work closely with senior leaders to navigate the complexities of scaling innovation within corporates. As Co:cubed CEO Jeremy Basset emphasises, “We are thrilled to partner with Rienk Franken as we expand our footprint into the Netherlands. His strategic insight and extensive experience perfectly align with Co:cubed’s mission to drive innovation and forge impactful collaborations.”

Unleashing the Power of the Startup Ecosystem

As Co:cubed sets its sights on the Netherlands, it heralds a new era of possibilities. By combining Franken’s leadership with Co:cubed’s proven methodologies and cutting-edge technology, the stage is set for an exciting collaboration that promises to unlock the full potential of the Dutch startup ecosystem.

 As Rienk Franken affirms, “Coming from a large corporate like ABN Amro myself, I recognize that Dutch Corporates do need to adapt to a new reality, and I am honoured to support them in the challenges that they are facing to their competitive position internationally.”

With so much innovation happening outside of the walls of Dutch Corporates, this partnership reflects a broader opportunity for the nation’s innovation ecosystem. It signifies a pivotal moment where businesses, both large and small, can join forces to propel the Netherlands back to its heights of global innovation leadership.

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Managing Director, Co:cubed Netherlands  


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